Why Use GxPeople To Find A New Job

Why Use GxPeople

Here are just some of the reasons to use GxPeople to help you find your next job:

  • Your time is precious. Most candidates are already in jobs and we recognise that your time is precious, and you have meetings and managers to navigate. We will support your timescales and make the process as hassle-free as possible. We will, of course, spend the time needed to get to know your skills and job desires, but we can work phone conversations and Skype interviews around your life.
  • It’s free to use. A headhunter’s services are free for job seekers. Using a recruitment agency is a win-win for the candidate as you'll get high-quality introductions, yet you won’t have to pay a penny. When we successfully find you a new job, it’s your future employer that will pay the bill. Our number one goal is to get you hired into a job that you are not only qualified for, but that perfectly suits your aspirations. We will do our very best to prepare you and coach you through all aspects of the interview and job hiring process.
  • We do the hard work for you. Finding the right job within Quality and pharma can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. Instead of randomly applying to every job posted online, GxPeople will screen the jobs and employers that fit your skills and career objectives. We work directly with the HR managers and hiring teams so we can sell your job skills to them directly.
  • Our contacts are unbeatable. When you approach GxPeople, you can be assured that we have the best contacts within the world of pharma and Quality. We are an intentionally niche recruitment agency so that we can build up a specific and exceptional set of contacts within the industry. If there is a job for you out there, we will find it.
  • We can get you a higher salary. Our team of recruiters negotiate salaries on a daily basis. We know what roles are worth and we are not afraid to fight for the best package for our candidates. If you aren't quite happy with an offer that you receive, we will negotiate until the best deal possible is on the table for you.
  • We can improve your interview skills. We never send a candidate to interview for a job without properly arming them with the interviewing skills needed to succeed. We give all of our candidates a thorough breakdown of what the employer is looking for and, because we know the clients so well, we are perfectly placed to work with you on your interview technique to bring our your best - and help you effectively demonstrate what you can bring to the employer and the role.
  • • We have access to hidden jobs Not every company advertises jobs on its website or through LinkedIn. A large number of employers in the industry simply use GxPeople to ensure that they are getting quality candidates for the interview stage. By using GxPeople, we can unlock the door to certain roles that you didn’t even know existed - or that are never advertised.
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