GXPeople is a small boutique agency with a very niche focus. We’re not part of a huge corporate machine and that’s why our clients like us. Choosing to specialise solely on recruiting Quality specialists for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries means that we quite often find ourselves turning business away. This may seem strange but, for us, our niche proposition and desire to solidify our reputation as the ‘go to’ supplier for Quality specialists is too important to compromise.

Our small size allows us to be more agile than bigger, more generalist agencies. We can listen to our candidates and clients and design our solutions around what suits them, not what suits us or any shareholders. We also adapt our processes and pricing solutions around what our clients want and not what the industry dictates.

Our candidates and clients tell us we’re quicker than our competitors. For candidates this means relevant job opportunities and faster response rates. For clients this means high-quality shortlists within short timeframes and closing permanent assignment in under a month.

We represent recruitment as it should be: relevant, efficient and pain free.