GXPeople was established in response to market demand for a recruitment agency that truly understands the intricacies of QA and QC within the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries. From our London headquarters, we partner with global clients to build exceptional Quality teams across their R&D and commercial manufacturing functions.

Working with GXPeople, you can rest assured you’ll be presented with the best candidates for the position, not just those available. Operating with integrity and discretion, we draw from a deep pool of Quality relationships from across the pharma, biotech, medical device communities.

Understanding that the perfect candidate match is as much about cultural fit as technical skill set, we’ll invest time getting to know each one and will instinctively know if they’re right for you. A call from GXPeople is never intrusive or frivolous and that’s why we’re able to cultivate and maintain great relationships with our top tier candidates.

If Quality is what you need, contact us. Our sole focus on this area is guaranteed to save you time and money.